Friday, 19 August 2011

The story so far...

In brief, this started as one guy working on some procedural terrain generation at the beginning of 2011. Some months later, he joined forces with another guy who had also been working on a similar project.
And now they're working together, as the title says, on a Procedural Editable Terrain - aiming to create a dynamic world, which is both realistic, and completely changeable by the user.

In short, the terrain is based on a density function and an implementation of the Marching Cubes Algorithm. The storage of variable densities used alongside the MCA, allows for smooth, good-quality editable terrain.

The project is being developed in C++, with OpenGL for graphics, and various supporting libraries

What's been done so far (more of this will be elaborated in later posts):
  • Generation of density-based terrain from a combination of perlin noise functions
  • Discrete storage and saving of the density based terrain in so-called 'voxels'
  • Meaningful material assignment to voxels (such as dirt, snow, rock etc.)
  • Triplanar texture mapping and blending between any two given textures
  • Digging of terrain
  • Basic 'tool' implementation, including several debugging tools
  • De-coupling of the data and visuals
  • Variable distance drawing based on data
  • On-the-fly generation and storage of necessary data
  • Basic biomes, supporting different terrain features and blending between said features
  • Occlusion culling
This is a short list of the features that have been currently implemented. Some of these will be expanded upon in later posts - hopefully with screenshots of the things at work

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